side pics3Rui Jorge is a specialist in the field of P.T.F.E. (Teflon) processing and manufacture and invites enquiries for any P.T.F.E. (Teflon) products and components unfilled or filled.

We are an innovative company established in 1982, with a number of original processes to our credit, and rise to meet the challenges of our industry, providing unique solutions when required.

Our polymers are purchased strictly from world-recognised manufacturers and Include grades such as, virgin, glass, carbon, calcium fluoride, aluminium oxide and bronze filled, to name but a few  

Our versatile machining section, equipped with modern machine tools can meet any part machining requirement, including close tolerance complex parts especially suited to our CNC centre. We are continually adding to our comprehensive range of dies at present in excess of 460 combinations for the preforming of cylinders and rods to provide a choice of dimensions with minimum waste for your requirements.

Presses are designed and built specifically to achieve optimum quality for P.T.F.E. processing under controlled conditions

The expertise of the engineering industry's foremost consultants on P.T.F.E. application and processing. With more than forty years experience and a commitment to an investment exceeding R 100,000 in testing and inspection equipment alone, Rui Jorge constantly supplies P.T.F.E. products of unequalled quality and represents the industry's most comprehensive source of technical and practical information

Rui Jorge keeps up to date with the technological advance and continuing growth of the plastics industry with particular emphasis on P.T.F.E. polymer processing and application technology.
We design and manufacture" in house” pressing, automatic moulding, sintering, blending equipment, jigs and all tooling.
Whether your need is in material selection, part design fabrication or application, we offer expert consultation and assistance.


To achieve the lowest possible manufacturing tolerances we employ the very best "state of the art" measuring and profile projection equipment in a temperature controlled environment. Not only close tolerances, but all components and semi-finished products are assured by the highest standards of quality assurance facilities these controls are essential to you as a customer in ensuring accuracy and reducing rejection in the manufacturing and processing of P.T.F.E. products.
Physical properties are scientifically evaluated using our sophisticated measuring equipment including an INSTRON tensile strength and elongation machine, measuring density combined with mass with an accuracy of 0.01 gram. Comparative wear, compressive deformation and hardness is tested by machines especially adapted for P.T.F.E. evaluation

At Rui Jorge, quality control is our watchword, with inspection and quality assurance checks being instituted at every critical point in the manufacturing process. Inspection commences on receipt of material and constantly monitors
Processing at all stages to sintering to where six different temperature positions are checked and recorded